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Our menu items may change on occasion or with the season.  Please inquire for separate menus for passed hors d'oeuvres, canapes & special dinner parties. We cater to your desires, and will customize menus accordingly.

Are you a food lover?  Do you appreciate delicious food?  Then Gourmet Girl is the solution for your entertaining needs. Whether you're looking to wow your guests with delectable appetizers or a delicious dinner, Gourmet Girl will deliver exactly what you need to please the palates of you and your guests.
We offer gourmet solutions for corporate lunches, cocktail parties, dinner parties and much more. Many of our favorite gourmet menu items are included below, or we can customize a special menu for your event.  



Gourmet Appetizers


Gorgonzola Cheesecake

a savory blend of gorgonzola & cream cheese in a crisp cheese cracker crust, topped with toasted walnuts, served with assorted crackers

Diablo Dip

avocado purée, spiced crème fraiche, cheddar & jack cheeses, Tabasco tomatoes, scallions & sliced black olives, served with fresh tortilla chips

Caviar Pie

layers of chopped egg, cream, scallion & caviar served with assorted seeded crackers

Sundried Tomato & Pesto Terrine

sundried tomatoes, mascarpone & basil pesto served with assorted crackers

Rillettes du Porc

French country style paté of pork, slow cooked in wine, garlic, onion, thyme served with seeded mustard, cornichon pickles & French baguette crostini

Peanut Thai or Jerk Chicken Saté

tender chicken pieces marinated & grilled in choice of spicy Thai or Jerk sauce

Shrimp in Snow Peas

jumbo shrimp in ginger & sesame vinaigrette, wrapped in tender snow peas

The Whole Head

cauliflower head poached in wine, spices & broiled and served with creamy whipped goat feta dip

Prosciutto and Melon

sweet melon with ribbons of prosciutto di Parma, cracked black pepper & fresh key lime

Fromage & Charcuterie Board

assortment of fine soft & hard cheeses, salamis, prosciutto & pâté served with homemade crostini, olives, cornichons, grain mustard & sweet jam du jour

Boursin & Crudité

a medley of raw & grilled vegetables served with creamy garlic-herb cheese spread


Gourmet Sandwiches



honey baked ham, triple crème brie, arugula, cornichon pickle, honey Dijon

Pesto Chicken

marinated & grilled chicken, sundried tomato jam, mozzarella, arugula & pesto

The Pilgrim

roasted turkey breast, sausage stuffing, orange cranberry relish & gravy mayo

Italian Job

 Genoa salami, ham, mortadella, capicola, Provolone, onions, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers & red wine vinaigrette

Salmon BOLT

grilled maple salmon, peppered bacon, red onion, lettuce & tomato with lemon tarragon aioli


marinated & grilled steak, Havarti dill cheese, pickled red onions, chimichurri

Gangnam Style

Korean BBQ pork, kimchee slaw, ginger scallion sauce, coconut cilantro chutney

Grilled Veggie
 marinated & grilled eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, red onion, bell pepper, boursin garlic/herb spread & balsamic drizzle


Gourmet Salads


Italian Chopped Salad 

Genoa salami, ham, Provolone, cherry tomatoes, Pepperoncini, sweet onion, celery, chickpeas, fresh basil, Romaine & Radicchio lettuce,oregano vinaigrette

Grilled Veggie

marinated & grilled portabella mushroom, red onion & roasted peppers, garlic/herb goat cheese & balsamic vinaigrette served over mixed greens


Traditional Greek salad of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Onions, Feta Cheese, Olives and Greek Vinaigrette

Pomegranate Tabbouleh

fresh & vibrant herbs, farro, shaved fennel, pomegranate seeds, shallots & lime vinaigrette

Vietnamese Grilled Steak & Cabbage

ginger, sesame & soy marinated steak, shredded cabbage, peanuts, crunchy noodles, cilantro & mint with spicy vinaigrette

Cajun Scallop

blackened diver scallops, arugula, spiced pecans, feta, jicama batons & citrus chile vinaigrette

Classic Caesar

Romaine topped with our homemade croutons, Parmesan, lemon Caesar dressing & anchovies




Butternut Squash & Broccoli Rabe Lasagne

layers of noodles, butternut squash, broccoli rabe, bechamel, fresh herbs

Nonna’s Lasagne

layers of noodles, homemade tomato basil marinara, red-wine braised Italian sausage, mozzarella, ricotta & parmesan cheeses

Jerk Chicken

succulent boneless chicken pieces, perfectly roasted in special Jamaican Jerk marinade; served with grilled vegetables & boursin sweet potato purée

Coquilles St. Jacques

scallops baked in wine, fresh herbs, shallots, cream & breadcrumbs; served with green salad and rice pilaf

Korean BBQ Pork

slow cooked pork shoulder with ginger, scallion, garlic, soy; served with Asian kimchee slaw and fragrant Jasmine coconut rice

Indian Curried Lamb

secret recipe of tender lamb slow-cooked in Indian spices; served with cucumber mint yogurt raita and Jasmine coconut rice


Gourmet Desserts

Stuffed Cookies – Mini chocolate chip cookies stuffed with ganache and hazelnut ganache

Espresso Crème Caramel – caramel, vanilla & espresso custard flan

Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake – chocolate cookie crust, caramel & pecans, creamy chocolate cheesecake

Meyer Lemon Bars – tart, sweet & lemony dream bars

French Almond Cake Bars – dense almond cake with apricot cream cheese glaze

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries




**Please let us know if there are any food allergies or aversions; we can tailor our menu items to fit your desires.

**Have something different in mind?  Let us know, we are happy to customize a special menu for your event.

**Please inquire regarding separate menus for canapes, passed hors d’oeuvres, or sit-down dinner parties.


Reach out & say hello.  We'd love to hear more about how we can make your next event gourmet.




Tele: (954) 347-8437
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